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Herpes Medication

Herpes medication consists of oral medication that can be used to prevent breakouts of the herpes virus or at least keep the breakouts from occurring with frequency. When discussing herpes medication, one usually thinks about medication to help with genital herpes, a condition that while not life threatening can be embarrassing and uncomfortable for anyone who suffers from this condition.

There is also herpes medication that is over the counter and is used to treat cold sores which are the result of herpes I, a condition that is very common, is not sexually transmitted and can be treated with over the counter herpes medication made for cold sores.

Oral herpes medication has been introduced to public recently as a way to stave off the effects of the herpes virus. Many people have herpes and the numbers seem to be growing every year. The oral herpes medication is easy to use and can eliminate some of your herpes symptoms. Many people who have frequent herpes outbreaks look for a way to lessen the amount of outbreaks and give themselves some relief. This herpes medication has some side effects, so it is best used for people who have frequent outbreaks of this condition.

Not everyone has frequent outbreaks of the herpes virus. Some people will only get it once and then not have it again for another ten years. Then there are those who get an outbreak every month or so. The herpes medication that you use will depend on the frequency of your outbreaks. You have to remember that despite using this medication, you can still pass on the condition to other people. This is why you have to understand that despite taking herpes medication, you can still get a breakout once in a while and pass the herpes on to a partner. Any partner that you have should be informed of the fact that you have herpes.

If you experience infrequent bouts of herpes virus, you might want to use a topical ointment that can help you clear up the blisters that result from the herpes infection. You may not find it necessary to take oral medication but will want to keep some topical herpes medication on hand in case you experience an outbreak. Like an outbreak of Herpes I, genital herpes outbreaks consist of blisters and last for only about a week.

You should not use herpes medication that is over the counter for genital herpes. If you have genital herpes, do not panic. You might be bothered with an outbreak only every few months, or even every few years. Some people only get one outbreak of the herpes virus once in their lifetime and do not need herpes medication. The type of herpes medication that you use depends on the frequency and severity of attacks.


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