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Prevention of Herpes Coldsores

If you are looking for prevention of herpes coldsores, you need to first look at your immune system. Your immune system directly affects herpes coldsores, which can be painful and uncomfortable.

Herpes coldsores are very common and are associated with the Herpes I virus. This is not the same as the Herpes II virus that is sexually transmitted. Herpes I is not a sexually transmitted condition, is very common, but can cause discomfort and embarrassment.

One way that you can seek the prevention of herpes coldsores is to eat a healthy diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals. By eating healthy, you will build the immune system in your body. You will want start to feel stronger and will find that you do not get sick as often.

Another way that you can aid yourself in the prevention of herpes coldsores is to stop smoking. Smoking does not aid your immune system. It causes harm to the immune system an actually weakens it. You should not smoke if you want to make your immune system stronger, quit smoking. This will help with the prevention of herpes coldsores.

Exercise is yet another way that you can help yourself when it comes to the prevention of herpes coldsores. When you exercise, you not only boost up your immune system, but also eliminate stress, which is one of the biggest problems that can affect your immunity. Eliminating stress is another way that you can aid in the prevention of herpes coldsores.

If you get herpes coldsores, there are over the counter remedies that you can use to make this condition uncomfortable. Chances are that you will have the blister, often called a fever blister, for about a week after you have developed the coldsore. You can use these remedies to hasten the cure of the coldsore on your face.

Some people claim that they get herpes coldsores from dry, chapped lips. In order to facilitate in the prevention of herpes coldsores, you can keep your lips moistened. You should take steps to prevent your lips from getting chapped during the cold winter months when this is most likely to happen.

You can also aid in the prevention of herpes coldsores by not having contact with someone who is exhibiting these coldsores. The herpes virus is contagious when the blister is present, so you should not make direct contact with someone who has the coldsore on his or her lips as you can easily get the virus yourself. Millions of people have the herpes I virus that presents with coldsores around the mouth, but if you have not acquired this virus, you may be able to prevent it from happening to you by not having direct contact with an open blister.


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