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Protection Against Herpes

If you have genital herpes, chances are that you are looking for protection against herpes. While you cannot cure herpes, there is medication that you can take to stop frequent outbreaks of herpes.

It is always important to note that the herpes virus lives in your body once you catch it and you can pass it to someone else even if you are not experiencing any symptoms.

Protection against herpes includes practicing safe sex habits. This includes using a condom. Condoms can offer some protection against herpes. Herpes is spread through skin contact and condoms can keep this from happening.

Medications have been introduced to offer protection against herpes. These medications can help prevent frequent outbreaks of the herpes virus. These medications can give you more comfort and confidence as well, but you must be aware of the fact that you can still spread herpes even if you do not have the symptoms.

Symptoms of herpes virus include blisters in the genital area. These can also appear around your mouth and even in the eyes. There are several different types of herpes viruses, but only Type II is transmitted sexually. All types of herpes will remain in your system and may be dormant for years. Some people, when they get the herpes virus for the first time, will get flu like symptoms. Some people may only break out once, while others will have frequent outbreaks.

The best protection against herpes is an education about the disease and understanding how it is spread. When talking about protection against herpes, you will often think about protecting yourself against genital herpes. Herpes Virus I is also something that is uncomfortable and usually presents as a cold sore on the lips or around the mouth. You can also pass this virus on to someone else when you are infected. This cannot be transformed into Herpes Type II, but you can get an outbreak in your genital area if contact is made with this type of blister.

Make sure that you eat right and also take vitamins. Keeping your immune system boosted is your best protection against herpes. In addition to making sure you enjoy a good diet, you should also exercise and cease smoking. Smoking will diminish your immune system. Exercise will give it a boost. By keeping your immune system in good condition, you will be able to protect yourself against herpes.

Protection against herpes is possible if you understand about the condition, practice safe sex and avoid sexual contact when you have a breakout. You can also keep your immune system in good condition and take medication if you have herpes so that you can stave off your breakouts. Protection against herpes is possible if you take the proper precautions as described above.


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