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Herpes Cure

Are you looking for a herpes cure? Many people want to find a cure for herpes, but unfortunately, there is no cure for this virus as of yet. There are ways that you can control the herpes virus and keep it from impeding your life.


There are two types of herpes virus that are common, Herpes I and Herpes II. The herpes I virus presents as a cold sore or blister, usually around your lips. In many cases, you will get a blister after you have been sick or if you have been under an extreme amount of stress. Herpes I will usually clear up after a week and cannot, despite what you might have heard, be transferred to Herpes II. While someone may be able to transfer the blisters from the virus to the genitals upon contact, the recipient will only experience one outbreak, but it is not the same as having genital herpes or Herpes II. The breakout will be a one time only occurrence.

Herpes II is often called genital herpes and is sexually transmitted from skin to skin contact. There is no herpes cure for genital herpes, either. You can keep the condition under control with certain medications that are made for herpes. These medications will not give you a herpes cure, but they will be able to prevent frequent outbreaks.

Although you cannot get a herpes cure, you can be able to try to keep the herpes condition at bay. In addition to taking medication to eliminate or at least diminish your outbreaks of herpes, you can also keep your immune system in good working order so that you have less outbreaks. Many doctors believe that herpes outbreaks are related to stress as well as a lowered immunity. Eliminating stressors from your life is one way that you can help stave off the herpes virus. If you have herpes, you might notice that you have breakouts after experiencing significant stress. By minimizing your stress, you may minimize the breakouts as well.

Eating a healthy diet, not smoking and taking vitamins can also help you with regard to minimizing herpes breakouts. A healthy diet is something that will help your overall health. In addition to eating right, you should also exercise. Exercise is one way that you can improve your immune system and keep herpes occurrences from happening.

While there is no herpes cure, there are ways that you can try to prevent herpes from interfering with your life. This includes taking medication if you experience frequent herpes infections, practicing safe sex so that you do not pass herpes on to others, minimizing your stress, eating right and exercising so that you improve your immune system. You might not be able to have a herpes cure, but you can certainly take control of this condition.


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