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Herpes Viral Infections

Herpes viral infections are not all sexually transmitted. Many people, when they think about herpes viral infections think of herpes simplex type B, the sexually transmitted genital herpes, also called Herpes Type II.

But there are other types of the herpes virus. This includes those annoying cold sores that you might get when you are sick or stressed out. These are called Herpes Type I. There is no cure for this type of virus, although it tends to go into remission for long periods of time.

Most herpes viral infections present with blisters. Blisters on the genitals are usually indicative of the herpes virus. They are usually in clusters, although they can sometimes be just a single blister. The blister will appear like an open sore and then will eventually heal. It is at this time that the virus is the most infectious, although herpes viral infections can be transmitted without any signs of infection.

The cold sores that you might get on your mouth usually occur after an illness or in times of stress. They are indicative of a weakened immune system and will usually dry up on their own after about a week. There are over the counter remedies that you can use for these common blisters that are often known as fever blisters. These can be transmitted sexually through oral sex to another individual, but the result would be a one time only blister, if that, and is not the same as herpes simplex II. In other words, you cannot give someone permanent herpes viral infections by kissing them. You cannot give someone herpes by touching the blister and then touching them, either. These are old wives tales about the disease that continue until today. The only way to get herpes simplex type II virus is to have sex with someone who also has the virus.

Herpes viral infections, however painful, are actually harmless. They are more an annoyance than anything else. People who have herpes viral infections are often ashamed of this condition, despite the fact that it really just amounts to having cold sores in your genital area once in a while. In order to stave off herpes viral infections, you should practice safe sex and keep your immune system healthy. Most people will find that they have a breakout of herpes viral infections after an illness. This goes for both Herpes Type I and Herpes Type II viruses.

Keeping your immune system healthy by eating a good diet, not smoking and exercising can stave off any herpes viral infections, whether they stem from type II or type I. Once you have herpes viral infections, you cannot get rid of it, but you can stave off outbreaks by keeping yourself healthy. There are medications that you can take for both types of the herpes viral infections.


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